Motorsport vehicles are becoming increasingly stronger achieving the maximum level of occupant safety (combination of inherent strength of the shell utilising a range of smart metals plus the strength of the roll cage), generate higher speeds and they tend to be more compact, all elements that can create issues for rescue officers in the event of motorsport accidents.

The demand for rescue crews is to be not only well trained in assessing the risks associated with these vehicles but to also have the appropriate equipment to carry out the necessary rescue activities required.

At times, alternate techniques will provide some respite for rescuers, but will not always allow you to combat advances in vehicle technology. The range of rescue technique options available on domestic vehicles may not always be possible when dealing with motorsport vehicles - in addition to the advances in the construction of the body of the vehicle they are strengthen with roll cages, strengthening bars, etc.

PT Rescue, in conjunction with Motorsport Safety & Rescue, has performed a number of cutting tests on late model rally cars to show their strength. The results of which can be seen by selecting a car from the menu on the left.

Motorsport Safety & Rescue uses the following rescue equipment:

  • Lukas Hydraulic Spreader 23T
  • Lukas Hydraulic Cutter 97.5 T
  • Lukas 3 Stage Telescopic Ram
  • Petrol Pump - 2 Tool
  • Double Acting Hand Pump
  • Pedal Cutter Set