Motorsport Safety & Rescue - May 2010 report

Motorsport Safety & Rescue have provided services to seven rallies over the past few weeks, with events that just about covered the length and breadth of the country.

The busy times began with three events on the one weekend, in Western Australia, Victoria and NSW.

Round 2 of the Australian Rally Championship, the Quit Forest Rally, was a quiet event for the team, but with the addition of motorbikes running at the rear of the field it provided some new challenges.

MSR’s work with the Australasian Safari proved crucial for this event, and while there were no medical issues to report, it’s likely that piggy-backing of car and bike events could become more common in the future.

Rally Bonnie Doon in Victoria required one minor patient transfer, while the Lithgow Rally in NSW saw MSR enjoy a day with no medical emergencies.

The six-day Targa Tasmania followed, and with fickle weather on some days, the team of 16 crews were kept on their toes.

“There was the usual level of crashes, but the injury severity was very low,” Geoff Becker said.

“We had one patient transport on day one when a Mitsubishi Lancer hit a power pole, but the crew members were saved from serious injury because of the well-built roll cage installed in the car.

“MSR really enjoy the opportunity to work with event organisers, Octagon. They allow us to get on with our job, and we really appreciate their loyalty and support.”

Becker also praised the local emergency services, who helped to make their job easier during what is a marathon event involving over 270 cars.

A one-week trip to Indonesia to work on that country’s bid for a round of the World Rally Championship has also provided some exciting times for MSR.

Becker was part of a team of rallying experts from Italy, England, Japan, Australia and Indonesia who met to work through the systems required for a round of the WRC.

“Indonesia’s commitment to getting a round of the World Rally Championship is incredible,” Becker said.

“Their event will be observed by the FIA in 2010, with hopes to get a round of the WRC in 2012. The event is already a round of the Asia-Pacific Rally Championship.”

The team of experts included Rally of Great Britain clerk of course, Fred Gallagher – one of the leading names in world rallying for many years.

As this report is being prepared, the MSR crew are busy at the Australian Rally Championship round in Coffs Harbour, at an AMSAG round in NSW, and at the opening round of the Victorian Rally Championship.

Then, three of the team members will head back to Indonesia for a full week of medical training for locals, ahead of the Rally of Indonesia in September.

The motorsport program then quietens down slightly – much to the relief of team members – before the Rally of Queensland gets things under way again in July.