Motorsport Safety & Rescue - June 2010 report

More and more state-based club events are beginning to utilise the services of Motorsport Safety & Rescue, ensuring the team members remain incredibly busy.

The past month has seen the team providing safety and rescue services for a number of events, with a host of new events filling the vacant weekends as the 2010 motorsport season continues.

Several new Victorian events have been secured by the team, adding to an already expanding list of rallies to provide services for.

Geoff Becker and two other MSR members spent some time in Indonesia late in May, conducting training course in preparation for the Rally of Indonesia. The sessions went very well, prompting a repeat visit early in July.

Events covered by the team included state championship rounds in Victoria and New South Wales, the Australian Rally Championship round at Coffs Harbour, and two rounds of the AMGAS rally series.

All events were relatively quiet for MSR, with no hospital transportations required.

“It’s always good to come away from events without injuries to competitors,” Becker said.

“Accidents are inevitable in motorsport, and while we are there and ready to assist with all the necessary equipment should we be needed, we’d much rather be sitting around at events with little to do.”

MSR continue to be impressed with the standard of events that they are working on, and in the increased quality of the cars being used. Competitors are also becoming a lot more safety conscious, with the use of head and neck restraints (and other safety devices) becoming a lot more common.

The coming month will be as busy as the previous ones. Eight MSR crews will attend the joint Asia-Pacific / Australian Rally Championship event, Rally Queensland in July, while other events in Tasmania, NSW and Victoria will also be attended.

The Victorian Championship George Derrick Rally, the Hellyer Rally in Tasmania and an AMSAG event in Eden (NSW) will all utilise the best safety and rescue services in Australia.

MSR will also be involved in a brand new tarmac rally in November this year. Targa High Country will be run around Mt Buller in Victoria, under the expert organisation of Octagon Australia.

Octagon is the organiser of Targa Tasmania and Targa Wrest Point, and MSR will provide all safety services.

“We recently held a meeting with the emergency services groups in Mansfield, and everyone is really looking forward to the event,” Becker said.

“Octagon have a reputation for running the best tarmac rallies in Australia, and we’re proud to be associated with them in this new venture.”

Becker will also attend the Rally of Whangarei in New Zealand this weekend, before undertaking some corporate work for Kia in Queenstown.

“We’re not providing services for Rally Whangarei, but it’s always useful to attend other events and see how others are providing similar services,” he said.

“We are currently incredibly busy with corporate work, with the rest of the year nearly booked up. However, it’s great for business and it keeps our guys at the forefront of the industry.”

While MSR weren’t providing safety services at last weekend’s Rally of South Australia, the team would like to wish their good friend, Scott Pedder, all the best in his recovery from his accident during Heat 2 of the rally.

Scott was leading this year’s Australian Rally Championship after two rounds, but unfortunately his title hopes have now been dashed.

MSR hopes you enjoy your month of motorsport, and look forward to seeing you on the stages.