2008 Coates Rally of Queensland

Motorsport Safety & Rescue Pty Ltd congratulates the Brisbane Sporting Car Club on the 40th Anniversary of the coates Rally of Queensland.

The competition commences on Friday 20th June with the Super Special at the Nambour Showground then moving to the forests surrounding Imbil for Saturday and Sunday.

Motorsport Safety & Rescue will be providing seven medical First Intervention Vehicles and one rescue Intervention Vehicle to the event.

Our crews start arriving on Monday to cover testing for Tuesday and Wednesday.Staff for the event include: Incident Coordinator - Geoff Becker, Chief Medical Officer - Dr Matthew Croxford, Medical Officer - Stephen Gaggin, Paramedics - Chris Benjamin, Jeff Woods, Graham McGrath, Tony Harris, Steve Paton, Fire Officers - Kathy Wood, Ben Strain, Rob Woodward, Keith Wood, Kerry Eleison,Elvio Andrade, Rescue Crew - Ian Nielsen, Max Perren.

On a staffing note we are sad that due to medical reasons a valued team member in Mon Galvin cannot assist this year and we wish her a speedy recovery.

Toyota Motor Company Australia have once again supplied for use in 2008 by MSR, a 78 Series Landcruiser Troop Carrier which will be used to provide the rescue service to the event. This vehicle is equipped with the latest Lukas Rescue Equipment. MSR thank Toyota for their ongoing support.