2008 Coates Rally Queensland - Report

The Motorsport Safety & Rescue Pty Ltd team had some work to do at the coates Rally of Queensland conducted between the 20th June to the 22nd June 2008.

Seven FIV's were used as well as a dedicated rescue unit, a Toyota 78 Series Landcruiser supplied by Toyota which is equipped with the MSR Lukas Rescue System.

We responded on special stages to two crashes one on Saturday and another on Sunday. The crash on Saturday involved the current Australian Rally Champions Simon and Sue Evans in their TRD Toyota Corolla. Sue was transported to hospital with Neck Pain for further examination and Simon with a dislocated Big Toe. Both were released from hospital later in the day.

Sue was wearing a HANS ® Device and it our belief that this valuable piece of equipment played a major factor in reducing the injury suffered by her.

On Sunday we responded to a crash involving competitors whom impacted head on into a tree in their Ford Escort RS. Both occupants were transported for further treatment.

A number of other people were treated by our crews over the weekend.

Congratulations to heat winners Neal Bates and Coral Taylor & Eli Evans and Chris Murphy. The TRD team of Neil and Coral winning the event overall with some close competition being witnessed.

MSR next event is team support to the Motor Image Team in Japan.