April Rally Report

Since our first two rallies of the year the Motorsport Safety & Rescue Team has provided coverage to three more events with one more for the month to be covered.

Rally Bonny Doon - Was held on March 29th and once again attracted a large field. This event is a round of the VCRS and attracted 72 starters.

We provided two crews for this event and whilst there were a number of incidents including two rollovers no one was injured.

The team was fortunate to have Eli Evans assist as a driver at the event and we thank him for his assistance.

Quit Forest Rally - Western Australia - The first round of the Australian Rally Championship which was based at Busselton, with the forest stages in the Nannup area.

We had six medical crews and one rescue crew for this event. Whilst there were a number of incidents there was only one that required medical assistance when a car hit a log, which went into the car between the door seal and the intrusion bar and then rolled down a hill.

This occurred very closely to the flying finish of the stage.

The first FIV arrived in a very short time as the start was only 300 meters away via a track; the second was already close to the incident as it was conducting the stage safety check. Both occupants suffered major soft tissue injuries especially to lower limbs and were transported to Busselton Hospital for further treatment, they were both discharged later in the day.

HDCC - Rally of Hampton - Our first New South Wales event for the year, whilst a small field, there were no incidents requiring a FIV response.

Our next event is at Jenolan on the 26th April 2008.