Monthly Update

The Motorsport Safety & Rescue Crew have just completed one of the busiest periods since the company commenced its operations.

Australian Safari

The crew report from this event was very favorable, with staff enjoying the competition in the outback. As this was our first experience with an event involving motor cycles and auto's, the crews were often spread over varse distances as they provided coverage for the event.

There were two major crashes on the event but it is pleasing to report that both competitors are making excellent recoveries. Treating severe trauma in isolated areas certainly added a new dimension to our operation.

Targa West

The crews finished up from the Safari in Perth and a number of them remained for Targa West. This is the third time this rally had been conducted and the crews attending enjoyed working at this very well organized event.

No major injuries from the event

Rally of Indonesia

Two staff members traveled to Indonesia, one to provide support to the Motor Image Subaru team and another to provide advice on the medical system for the rally organizers.

Great Lakes Rally

With no rest the crew moved to New South Wales for the NEC Australian Rally Championship event. This was our first time to Forester and the event and whilst the roads and hospitality were great, failure of the radio system resulted in stages having to be cancelled, which was unfortunate for the competitors attending.

A classic rally event was also conducted in conjunction with this event.

Rally Burnie

This event was conducted for the first time under the ownership of Les Walkden whom is a partner in Motorsport Safety & Rescue. The event was extremely successful and whilst there was a number of crashes no one required any treatment off scene.

AMSAG Rallies

Two events were also conducted at Oberon and Cowra, which were conducted very successfully by the AMSAG Crew.

Our next event is the Akedemos Rally in Victoria in October followed by the Great Ocean Road Experience, Rally of Melbourne and Team support in China all on the same weekend in November

The Directors of Motorsport Safety & Rescue Pty Ltd would like to publicly thank all our crews for there excellent work during this very busy 5 weeks. Special mention to Chris Benjamin for his operational coordination work at four events, thanks Benji.

Also special mention to our truck crew and particular Snow Nielsen, whom drove from Melbourne to Kunnurra, Perth, Forester and back to Melbourne with all our equipment.

Geoff Becker