2007 Quit Forest Rally Update

From the 24th to 29th April the Motorsport Safety & Rescue crew will be supplying the safety coverage to the 2007 Quit Forest Rally.

Our coverage starts on Tuesday 24th by covering the first of two days of testing for the teams in the Nannup area.

On Friday 27th the competition commences with the super special stage at Busselton which is run two times that evening before the event moves to the forest around Nannup on the Saturday.

Saturday evening the Busselton super special stages are repeated before returning for the final day of competition in the forest on the Sunday.

MSR will be supplying seven FIV's (medical for the event) two of whom will have rescue equipment as well in additional a dedicated specialized rescue unit.

MSR have joined forces with Toyota to provide the latest updated rescue equipment, which will be carried in a new Toyota V8 Troop Carrier which has been supplied to MSR to use for the year.

The new rescue equipment includes the latest Lukas Cutter, which has a capacity of 97 ton, Spreader and Ram. With this equipment, MSR and Toyota are providing to the sport a high level of rescue coverage.

Operations Manager for MSR - Geoff Becker stated "with the purchase of the Lukas equipment and the support of Toyota we are in a position of being able to meet the demands of being able to provide high class dedicated rescue service to the sport. Since completing the cut tests last year of the Subaru Spec C rally car demonstrated to us, the need for increased capacity to be able to cut into these cars was the motivation for improving this area of our operation. Whilst we hope we never have to use this equipment it is great to have it and be confident that we can access the latest models of rally cars".