September Report

A busy month for the Motorsport Safety & Rescue P/L team...

Quit Targa West Rally

Our first event was the 2006 Quit Targa West Rally. We had three responses for the event, two on Day One and one on Day Three.Of the three responses, one resulted in minor injuries, another with no injuries and unfortunately the other being the well publicised fatal crash involving, Peter Brock.Two First Intervention Vehicles, Ambulance, Fire Unit and the Competition Drivers Club Rescue Unit were located at the start of the stage and responded in a timely manner. MSR would like to express our sincere appreciation to all our rally friends whom called or emailed with their support for our team, it demonstrated to us why rallying is a unique sport - Thank you.

Rally Of Indonesia

Team members Graham McGrath and Geoff Becker travelled to Makassar with the Les Walkden Rallying Team and provided coverage for that team as well as the MRF and Cusco Teams.

With temperatures reaching as high as 40 Degree's maintaining hydration status for the crews was a major factor. Arctic Cool Vests were used by the teams to cool the crews on the transport stages and their value was immense.

Information was gained on this trip that will allow us to develop a more comprehensive protocol for managing crews in hot climates, this included weighing and measuring core temperatures of Cody and Ben throughout the event.Congratulations to the Les Walkden Rallying Team on there success in taking out an unassailable lead in the championship with Cody and Ben only having to start the Chinese round to win the Championship.

Not sure if it was the hard night before or the long week... Les Walkden Celebrating! Podium Finish

NGK Rally Of Melbourne

Following straight on from Indonesia was the NGK Rally of Melbourne, which was a quiet event for our eight crews covering the event.We would like to thank the Ford Racing for the loan of the Ford Territory and PT Hydraulics for the loan of the latest 97 ton Lukas Cutting equipment as well as a ram and spreader to ensure we had the capacity to cope with any extrication at the event.Congratulations to the Team Mitsubishi Ralliart and Scott Pedder and Glen Weston on a great heat win.We would also like to extend our congratulations to the Toyota Team of Simon and Sue Evans for wining the NEC Australian Rally Championship and to the second place winners Neal Bates and Coral Taylor and in third Dean Herridge and Bill Hayes.

To all the competitors and there teams thanks for your support and loyalty in 2006 and we look forward to catching up with you all in 2007.

Geoff Becker