Rally Of Canberra 2006 - Event Report

Subaru Rally of Canberra was a quiet event for the Motorsport Safety & Rescue crew whom attended the rally over the 11th & 12th March 2006.

The number of accidents at the event was very low and whilst there were a couple of roll overs the occupants only suffered very minor injuries.

A total of six First Intervention Vehicles were used on the event and of which three had patient extrication capacity.

The Rescue Officers were Kevin McSweeney, Darren Hoschke and Jeff Woods whom all are from New South Wales and work with the New South Wales Ambulance Service.

Four medical officers attended and they were Dr Matthew Croxford, Dr Chee Lee, Dr Sophie Ricketts from Melbourne and Dr Stephen Gaggin from Tasmania.

The remaining crew were from Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania and were Chris Benjamin, Wayne Havenaar, Graham McGrath and Geoff Becker.

The event was conducted in very hot and dusty conditions and a duty of the crew was reminding competitors of the need to remain hydrated.

MSR enjoyed a good relationship once again with the ACT Ambulance Service and ACT Fire Service and look forward to next years event.