2006 NEC Computers Australian Rally Championship

Motorsport Safety and Rescue Pty Ltd are pleased to announce that it has been selected by Rallycorp to continue providing the First Intervention Vehicle service to the following 2006 NEC Computers Australian Rally Championship Rounds:

  • Quit Forest Rally - Western Australia - 20th - 21st May
  • Coates Rally of Queensland - 17th - 18th June
  • Subaru Safari - Hobart - 15th - 16th July
  • NGK Rally of Melbourne - 23rd - 24th September


Motorsport Safety and Rescue has been providing the service to these events for a number of years and looks forward to continuing that relationship with the event organisers and Rallycorp.

Geoff Becker from MSR was pleased that NEC Computers, BP Ultimate and Clarion are continuing there support for the championship and along with MSR's sponsors Les Walkden Enterprises, Patrick Shipping and Mitsubishi Motors will be able to continue to provide the high level service that the company has gained a reputation for.